Best portable monitors for Mac in 2023

If you use your best Mac on the go but want a little more screen real estate to spread your windows across, then one of the best portable monitors for Mac is the way to go. These will connect super easily over USB-C, and some will even power themselves with your laptop battery. They're slim enough to stick in a rucksack and big enough to be super useful. Whether you're looking for something to make yourself more productive or have an extra screen to watch Ted Lasso at the coffee shop while you work (we won't tell), then these monitors will set you on track. There's a monitor here for every bag and price point, so let's get stuck into the best portable monitors for Macs.

Upgrade to second screen working with the best portable monitors for Mac

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How to choose the best portable monitor for your Mac

The portable monitor market remains relatively small, so it can be hard to find what type of monitors you can use with your best Mac, like the new MacBook Pro with M2. Despite this, a few high-quality products work brilliantly with the best Macs. When deciding on a monitor, you should factor in the price, resolution, and what you need to connect it to your computer. Perhaps most importantly, look at its weight. If you think it's too heavy to cart around your home or on campus, it probably is. 

You must also decide whether the monitor has a built-in battery since most modern portable monitors draw power over USB-C. You will also find options that connect to your laptop through HDMI. 

What to avoid in a portable monitor

Don't necessarily assume the most expensive portable monitors are the best. Conversely, just because a monitor has a "cheap" price tag doesn't mean it should be avoided. Additionally, when shopping for monitors, make sure they're current and that there isn't a newer model available. Sites like Amazon do an excellent job of noting when more recent models are on the market. 

What's in a name?

More familiar companies like Samsung and LG tend to avoid the portable monitor market. As such, you're likely to see monitors from companies like expresso, Mobile Pixels, and GeChic. Don't be afraid of ordering items from these businesses. Before you do, however, check out the online reviews and make sure they are highly rated. 

Our personal favorite best monitor is the HP 14 E14 G4. Despite its long, incomprehensible name, it is a solid monitor option with a great panel. It'll slip into a bag without issue, and you can set it up almost anywhere for some mobile working.

Those with a small budget should take a look at the Lasitu. This 15.6-inch monitor can be purchased for half of what some similar monitors cost. Despite the lightweight, there's plenty of screen real estate, and it comes with a screen protector to keep that large screen in excellent condition.

On the other hand, those looking for an extendable monitor should consider the Mobile Pixels Duex Pro. This novel choice will attach to any laptop and work as a fold-out extension for the existing screen. It can also be used as a small standalone monitor if needed. The above selections are the best portable monitors for Macs available. But, of course, it's up to you to decide which will work best for you. And if you need more than just a monitor, check out the latest offers on our MacBook Pro deals guide. 

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