Our Partners

For Hypergene, partnerships represent a crucial aspect of how we engage with customers across various segments and geographic markets. We hold partnerships within both the private and public sectors, spanning different industries and encompassing our entire solution as well as selected parts thereof. Some partners primarily focus on the sales of Hypergene, while others take responsibility for the complete delivery and customer relationship. Regardless of their focus, our partners hold a strategic importance.

Hypergene Partners

We Collaborate with, Among Others, the Following Companies

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AARO is a global systems provider specialising in products and services related to group reporting. With customers in over 140 countries and approximately 15,000 users, our partnership with AARO allows us to deliver an integrated Budget and Forecast Solution - AARO Budget & Forecast.

Arribatec is a global systems and service provider delivering business-critical IT solutions. They integrate "best of breed" applications with proprietary products and solutions that support their customers' business development by creating efficient and digitised business processes.

The partnership between Arribatec and Hypergene has a focus on the Norwegian market, where Arribatec sells and implements Hypergene for both the public and private sectors.

ProgressLEAD is a management consulting company offering services in project management, change management and business development. ProgressLEAD has been successfully delivering great value in project management to clients since 2010.

The partnership focuses on the project management part of Hypergene's product portfolio.


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Chief Marketing Officer

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